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The Path: One Man's Quest On the Only Path There Is

by J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda)




Many people, by their suggestions, encouragement, and support, have helped bring this book to completion. To thank most of them is possible only in silence. I would particularly like, however, to express my thanks to Marsha Todd, Asha Savage, Fern Lucki, and Kathleen Stark for their helpful editorial suggestions; to Asha also for endlessly typing and retyping the manuscript; to Margie Stern for her long labors in preparing the index; to Robert Fite and Ben Davis for suggesting the title; to Bob and June Moody for placing their apartment on Hawaii's beautiful Kona Coast at my disposal for the editing of Part One of the book, and to Paul and Jan Weber and Charlotte Weber, too, for helping to make my stay there possible.

I would like also to express my deep appreciation to those in Ananda Publications who worked long and patiently on the production of the book: George Beinhorn, photography; Alan Gosink, camera work; Janice Hart and Nancy Raynes, design and layout; Kathy Mohr, typesetting. For their innumerable proofreadings of the manuscript during its various phases of development, I would also like to thank Peter Altman, Cynthia Brooks, Carolyn Escobar, Nancy Estep, Anita Miller, Julia Beakley, Pamela Pardridge, Patricia Ryan, Suzanne Simpson, Sally Smallen, Jim Van Cleave, and Sonia Wiberg.

Without the help of these many friends the book would have taken years longer to complete.

Swami Kriyananda

Ananda World Brotherhood Village

April 3, 1977

Joy to You!

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