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The Path

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·Chapter 2

·Chapter 3

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·Chapter 5

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·Chapter 7

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The Path: One Man's Quest On the Only Path There Is

by J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda)


To the sincere seeker, whatever his chosen path


Preface, by John W. White



Chapter 1:  The Pilgrim Whittles His Staff

Chapter 2:  He Sets Out from Home

Chapter 3:  Storm Clouds

Chapter 4:  A Temporary Haven

Chapter 5:  The Storm Breaks

Chapter 6:  A Paper Rest House: the "Popularity Game"

Chapter 7:  To Thine Own Search Be True

Chapter 8:  Joy Is the Goal

Chapter 9:  He Gathers Strength for the Climb

Chapter 10:  Intellectual Traps

Chapter 11:  By-Paths

Chapter 12:  "Who Am I? What Is God?"

Chapter 13:  A Search for Guide-Maps

Chapter 14:  Joy Is Inside!

Chapter 15:  A Map Discovered

Chapter 16:  The Pilgrim Meets His Guide


Chapter 17:  Mt. Washington Estates

Chapter 18:  First Impressions

Chapter 19:  The First Days of a Neophyte

Chapter 20:  Twenty-Nine Palms

Chapter 21:  Paramhansa Yogananda

Chapter 22:  Renunciation

Chapter 23:  God Protects His Devotees

Chapter 24:  True Teaching Is Individual

Chapter 25:  Work vs. Meditation

Chapter 26:  The Ministry

Chapter 27:  Attunement

Chapter 28:  Reincarnation

Chapter 29:  GardensöMundane and Spiritual

Chapter 30:  A Divine Test

Chapter 31:  The Bhagavad Gita

Chapter 32:  "I Am Spirit"

Chapter 33:  "Original Christianity"

Chapter 34:  Kriya Yoga

Chapter 35:  The Monks

Chapter 36:  The Wave and the Ocean

Chapter 37:  Reminiscences

Chapter 38:  His Last Days


Chapter 39:  Spiritual Organizing

Chapter 40:  "Feed My Sheep"

Chapter 41:  "He Will Be Your Strength"

Chapter 42:  Less Is More


About the cover:

This is a watercolor I did in December 1953, of a devotee aspiring to merge into the spiritual eye. Paramhansa Yogananda explained that the golden outer ring of the spiritual eye vibrates with the astral universe; the blue field within the ring, with the causal universe and the Christ Consciousness; and the five-pointed star, with cosmic consciousness, or God the Father beyond all vibratory creation.

Joy to You!

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