Sadhu Beware!

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Sadhu Beware!
A New Approach to Renunciation
Swami Kriyananda

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Paperback, 127 pages, ISBN: 978-81-89430-03-3, Ananda Sangha Publications.

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This buoyant approach to spiritual life offers insight, inspiration, and practical advice for the world’s greatest adventure: the inner journey of Self-realisation. Householders and renunciates alike can realise their divine potential by learning how to live rightly, renouncing attachments that bring unhappiness and embracing their true nature of inner freedom and divine joy.

From years of renunciate experience—including appointment by Yogananda to head his fellow monks, later guiding Ananda’s monks and householders—Swamiji provides a contemporary re-imagination of the meaning and practice of renunciation. Crystal clear, easy to read, the book encourages every seeker to live up to the highest aspirations of heart and mind. Topics include simplicity vs. poverty; how to deal with money; obedience vs. cooperation; developing right attitude; attuning to one’s spiritual teacher; and sexual self-control.

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